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I've never not liked movies though my tastes in film have definitely thinned out as I've gotten older and had to choose to do with my extra time.

With that said, my collection continues to grow as the library of great cinema continues to make itself available.

I've always wanted to move to the realm of Entertainment Reviews and have vivid memories of imagining how cool "going to see movies and telling people what I thought of them" would be.  Perhaps one day I will find myself in that role.  The world of blogging, podcasting has made that a more possible reality.  Until then, I will continue to extol the virtues of today's celluloid here online.

If I had to be categorized, I could definitely throw me into the DVD Special Feature Phreak category.  My passions for DVDs are lead by a never-ending interest in commentaries (the Directors, Actors, Special Effects Gurus, Screenplay writers, etc) which really do give you an insight into what makes up the stories that we classify as movies.  To give you some perspective, while working at the PC or picking off the growing list of house-bound chores, most people throw in some music, turn on the radio or have a television on in the background.  I choose to throw in one of the many DVD's and listen to the commentary giving me continual input in regard to my favorite movies through the year.

My Movie Collection is available to anyone online and grows every few weeks when something interesting, chock full o' features comes out.  Give it a gander when you have the chance.  Also be sure to touch base with me about YOUR collection.  There is a piece of software that is available called "DVD Profiler".  If ever there was a must have piece of software, this is it.  It will allow you to track your collection, your expenditures and more to levels you never though imaginable.

Also be sure to check out something new at my website:  my  Most Recent Addition Blog where I dialog about the new additions to my growing collection, and where I always appreciate your comments both positive and critical.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about my movies!



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