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I take pride in asking what else I can help with when I assist people, businesses, organizations, etc..  When not working at my full-time job, I have a variety of projects that I assist with, and I've listed the most recent efforts below. 


Sign Language, Interpreter Education, Tech Product Reviews and More!

I've booked a variety of businesses, speakers and more to appear on The Interpreters ToolBox Podcast. Are YOU interested in participating? Contact me today to begin the discussion of how we can share your profession, business vocabulary while at the same time highlighting - YOU! It's all a part of being educated and is ONLY from 2GuysTalking...

Sure, they're available, but who provides a one-stop-shop for them all? Answer: I DO!

I had a great deal of fun being a professional sign language interpreter for the Deaf for many years in the St. Louis area but one thing was unmistakable - you can NEVER have too much education when it comes to being an interpreter. The time to get educated AND to provide a bridge between the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Culture AND the Hearing has arrived, with The Interpters ToolBox Podcast. This video effort will launch September 2010 and we hope you'll follow along to learn and share!


Bloggers (both current and future) Now Have a Central Hub - BloggersBug.Com!

Click Here to Access BloggersBug.Com Now! Tell Them Mike Wilkerson from 2GuysTalking Sent You!

Do YOU or your business have a blog? Why not? It's the easiest way to provide your customers with great experiences, fundamental business thought and concepts AND is one of the top tools to get you noticed on Google. With 23k eyes on it monthly and growing, what do you have to lose by starting a free account to get your business or personal efforts recognized?
Join BloggersBug.Com now!


Having a Blog - Both Personal and for Business has Never Been More Important...

I was a member of a local Bloggers Guild in St. Louis for 2 years and always wondered when the networking would kick in. I have always been about making my own path, and so when I didn't see the level of activity I thought I'd expect, I created a new, vibrant, diverse centerpoint for bloggers of ALL kinds - BloggersBug.Com. From the custom Wordpress theme, to the buttons banners and do-dads, it's all about promotion and getting YOUR blogging efforts noticed and promoted.


Big Trucks Require a BIG Online Presence!
Kohrs Truck & Auto Repair

Truck, car or RV broken down in O'Fallon, MO area? I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that Kohr's Truck and Auto Repair is ready to help you! The bad news? There actually ISN'T ANY! Make sure you tell them that Mike Wilkerson at  2GuysTalking.Com sent you!


Truck & Auto Repair in O'Fallon, MO Just Got a WHOLE Lot Simpler...

It's not everyday that you find true workhorses of automotive repair. In an age where you just simply can't always put your trust behind "the big guys" the small lights that shine deserve much more attention to get your money's worth. Recently, Kohr's Truck & Auto Repair asked about a new website build and we were HAPPY to provide them a solid, state-of-the-art look for their everyday website needs.


Get Those Teeth CLEAN! Matt Boscia DMD Gets a New Website...

Click Here to Visit Boscia Dental's New Website, Courtesy of 2GuysTalking.Com!

If you're in the O'Fallon, MO area, and looking for the evolution of dentist services, you have only one stop online to secure true expertise and shiny teeth! Take a few minutes to visit Dentist Matt Boscia's website and tell him that Mike Wilkerson at  2GuysTalking.Com sent you!


Taking Care of Your Teeth is More Important Than Caring for Your Website...

Unless you're a dentist! Your website is literally the first line of contact with what can be a completely new vein of commerce for your company. Recently, Matt Boscia had asked about getting a new website done and behold! A new website he has! We broke him out of the stale, templated world of The Yellow Pages, and provided him new life and vigor online!


Alliance of Automotive Service Professionals AASP-MO's New Website Online...

Click Here to Visit the AASP-MO.Org Website - Courtesy of 2GuysTalking.Com!

There are few groups that make the  time to ensure their members have a well-rounded, informative website, but AASP-MO does it all the time!

Be sure to check it out and tell them that Mike from 2GuysTalking sent you!!



An Old Customer, a New Website and  More...

One of my favorite and oldest customers recently asked to get a website developed and I was proud to intervene once again. Be sure to check out Ron Reiling's new website complete with custom banner ads, base user access and a great series of tutorials so they can make their OWN updates! Great stuff!


An Interview with Deaf UFC Fighter
Matt "The Hammer" Hamill

DEAF Inc. Spotlight: Matt "The Hammer" Hamill fr
om DEAF Inc on Vimeo.

My thanks again to Tony Nitko at Deaf, Inc. for a great and first of many opportunities
to help make a difference in the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community!


Another Step into MMA...

I've been writing about and reviewing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for almost 4 years now and recently I was given the opportunity to meet and interview an icon not only of Mixed Martial Arts but of success in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community. Click the video link at right and be sure to leave comments/thoughts!


Screen Rant
- Staff Writer

Take the time to leave YOUR comments
on one of the BEST all-around entertainment
news sites EVER
, at ScreenRant.Com and
tell your friends about it!



TV and Movie News Without the Sugar Coating...

I've been promoting Screen Rant via our podcast for more than a year now, and recently I'd proposed to take a staff writing position with the fine gents that comprise their writing staff. They accepted! I've really enjoyed writing for them and help to compile some of the strongest, most-original writing there is on the web.


US Small Business Conference - St. Louis

Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now...

Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now... Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now...

Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now...Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now...

Click Here to View The US Small Business Conference Website Now...

It's Always Been About Small Business - The Future

I've had the fortune of working with a great bunch of people for the last year that have shown CLEARLY that Small Business will be the thing that turns the American economy around. I recently made a website for The US SMALL BUSINESS CONFERENCE that's coming up in September.

We provided them with a completed website solution, custom website/blog-based banners, photo alteration and new media marketing services that are giving them a great, solid, continued digital footprint on the web.

I hope that you'll take the time to look and track it as we get closer to the event, September 11th & 12th, 2009.


Interpreter Station

Click Here to Learn More About "Interpreter Station!"

The Realm of Sign Language Interpreting is About to Change...

I've been working in the electronic world of Web "stuff" for 12 years now, and a project very near and dear to my heart is about to launch and make a serious impact on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community...

Look for more soon from "Interpreter Station" launching in St. Louis VERY soon...

From the Mom

Click Here to Learn More About "From the Mom!"

Be sure to take a moment to visit
Michelle' Cox' Blog, "From the Mom"
and tell her that MikeWilkerson.Com
sent you!

Loving Continued Participation in the Blogosphere

I've had a great time participating in the St. Louis Blogger's Guild and one of their members provides some great insight via her blog.  Michelle Cox is a talented former journalist, writer and most importantly - MOM - who conveys her life, times and thoughts in her blog, "From the Mom." Recently I provided her some alterations to her Wordpress theme that gets her a custom caricature and some special framing and she loves it!

Find out more now!

The Caption Hunt

Click Here to Learn More About "The Caption Hunt!"

A special thanks to The Caption Hunt Projects current sponsors:

Sprint's RelayMO, Ability Interpreting and
Acoustica's Mixcraft Recording software!

What %  of Commercials on TV are Closed Captioned?

I've created a great new project that is dedicated to the search and recognition of commercials, television programs, DVDs and feature films that provide open and closed captioning for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.  Whether it's the entertaining, engaging "Caption Hunt" Reports, or our new Twitter-based, detailed "Caption Call" efforts, we're creating a new landscape for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to know where to spend their hard earned money.

Find out more now!

The Savage Science

Click Here to Learn More About "The Savage Science - MMA, Mahem and More!"

Don't Know Anything About MMA?
Get Educated Now!

Also Be Sure to Visit SavageScience.Com!

Does Anyone Know What MMA Stands For?

I've recently been offered and accepted a writing position with a great website dedicated to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and a whole lot more.  It's a great opportunity to showcase my  writing skills and to drive even more people to their website to share in what is a growing interest in a hot new sport.

Be sure to check out my blog entry explaining my original interest in MMA and get educated about what is a growing and intelligent, SAVAGE sport that makes for excited minds.

What's a Podcast?

Click Here to Visit 2GuysTalking.Com - An Original Content Podcast Network

The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network is home to a variety of podcasts crossing many demographics and continues to grow each month.

Do you have a passion to talk about anything?  To talk about nothing?  Then it would make an excellent podcast!  Passion is the one, true demographic that shines through in podcasting and we hope that you'll give it a shot!  Check out the network now!

The 2GuysTalking
Podcast Network

For 4 years now, I've had the fortune to spend some of the most creative and satisfying time I've ever spend focusing on the growth of something called "The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network." 

Forged from 2 original shows, The LunchTimeGab, and 2GuysTalking: 24, this network has grown into something that we're already seeing gigantic traffic from, and with the addition of some really quality shows to help round out the spectrum of interest, it continues to be something I am very proud of and am very excited to see where it takes my life as it continues to grow.

TC Inna' House

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I have had the pleasure to work with one of the hardest working, most pleasant "gangsta' rappers" in all of hoodlumdum!  Ha!  That's right!  TC is in the house and is sportin' support from Mike Wilkerson's mad art skillz!

Whether it's the new album art, the new website pointer, the custom posters or the art included in his recently distributed media packet, TC has it goin' on thanks to the fab elab of Mike Wilkershiznit. :)


Click Here to View this Entire Image...

Ye Ole' Renfaire...

As another Faire season arrives, more posters arrive as well.  After taking the time to do a custom on-site photo shoot, I have created a final Renfaire poster for this year and am still currently providing website service and creation for them.  Services include a complete event website, high-quality event posters, online calendar, robust discussion forum/board and onsite camera/photographic archiving services.


Goin' to the Chapel...

Click Here to See the Pictures from the Foster/Stout Engagement Photo Shoot...

Foster/Stout Engagement Photo Shoot:

My love of art has extended once again into photography.  Today I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph three great people in what is easily one of St. Louis' most memorable venues:  Forest Park.

Stephen and Karin have recently gotten engaged, and Brendan came along to get some pre-family photographs as well as some singles to show off just how cool a 5 year-old can be.


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