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I have been drawing avidly since the late 70's, which has carried over into my work life. 
It's great to put pencil to paper and I surely don't get to do it enough. 
Read below to see my most recent offering...

Characters Galore...

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The Characters: (Click Above to View)

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A Return to Cartooning:

I've always wished that I could find more outlet for my cartooning skills and thanks to a local networking group called, I've done just that. I'm working with a great company lead by David Clark who has commissioned the first of a series of cartoons to accompany some great personalized video projects he's spearheading.

Check out the first pencil samples of the 4 characters for his first project and check back for more as the projects roll in!

The Hunt Is ON!

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The 2GuysTalking Caption Hunt effort is recruiting writers, supporters and more sponsors to help showcase the current, available Open and Closed Captioning options in entertainment today.  Check out the website for more details and consider "joining the hunt!"

The Culture Bridge Phenomenon - The Caption Hunt...

I've been reviewing all forms of entertainment for a good long time now, but recently I invented something near and dear to my heart that has the potential for some serious legs:  It's called "The Caption Hunt".  It's an effort to provide not only detailed reporting about what people can expect in the way of Open and Closed Captioning in the Entertainment arena, but provides great, detailed and ENTERTAINING reviews about a variety of Television Shows, DVDs Feature Films and more!  I drew the logo and the "Hunter" for this project and as we acquire more supporters and sponsors, I get more excited for it.

DeLoreans, Anyone?

Click Here to Visit Planet88.Com - The Home of Cool Information About The Brookfield High School Graduating Class of 1988...

Excitement Ensues...
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(As I scan the pictures of people "back then" for use in the website, I can't wait to see where our lives, our relationships that we built back then and TIME have delivered the 1988 Class of Brookfield Central High School...)

The Brookfield Central Graduating Class of 1988...

My God - has it really been 20 ears since I graduated High School, 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin?  It HAS!  And it's time to revel in the cheese-headed goodness of what is my upcoming 20th High School graduation!

I registered a domain a LONG time ago, with plans to create a great follow-up website that will allow all of us from the graduating class of 1988 to continue to touch base via the Internet in prelude to our next reunion effort.  The "Lancer" logo is something I drew to commemorate our years from back then and boy - I wish I would have drawn something this cool back THEN! :)

Domo Arigato, Mr. Lego Roboto!

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More on the Competition: (Click Above to See Logo)

8 Weeks of R&D went into designing and testing the robots that were pitted against 80 other teams recently.  2 Coaches and 5 kids placed 20th overall in 79 rounds of California State Competition!  Congrats to the ROBO-KINGS!

The Robo-Kings from Dry Creek, CA Benefit from the Skills...

I can remember vividly when there were as many things to do with Legos as you could imagine.  Believe it or not that list has grown exponentially in the last 10 years with the advent of Lego Robotic Competitions that are held not only all over the nation, but the world.

Recently I was contacted by the "ROBO-KINGS" a Lego Robotic Team who participates in the FIRST Lego League from Dry Creek Elementary in Clovis, California to create a logo for their shirts, banners etc.  What a great time and again, the opportunity to draw!

Ahhh, Vacation!

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Umbrella Drink Desktop
for the Captain...

When I took a week vacation recently I took a few extra minutes out of my day to make a desktop wallpaper to remind my coworkers that I was on vacation recently. 

Check it out and if you're going on any kind of vacation soon I hope it was as relaxing as mine was!

Royal Squirrels!

Nuts for Nutkeepers...

We've been sending advertisements to an organization called the Loyal Order of Squirrels.  From this I just can't get "Royal Squirrels" out of my head.

I grabbed a pencil and a short lunch break later, I have this.


Vacation Art!

Jade's Cart-O-Rama...

One of my Daughter's favorite events of the day is getting to any store that had a cart.  Unlike humankind, she has always loved riding in shopping carts backwards.  I've created a couple of drawings in that regard and will post them soon!

Emergency Art!

The Funky Pink Flamingos...

One of my co-workers had a carnival-style game that needed a backdrop, featuring Flamingos, with a 50's theme.  I made the base Flamingo art, and with some playful brainstorming, created the "50's theme" to round out the overall presentation.

Emergency Art!


It is one of the dream projects that Art Teachers tell you never comes around.  Getting to draw for a living and quick turn-around.  I was able to provide Sprint's RelayMissouri with a set of TinCan characters, Annual Report Templates and Cover Art.

Click any of the images to the right for the "sketch" look and the final art that came from the idea.

Classic Carfest

Another Event Nears...

The logo for this event has been twisted, and turned in a variety of directions but we finally came up with something that we'll be able to stick with in style but also be able to change it out every year to represent that year's show.

Click any of the images to the right for the "sketch" look and the final art that came from the idea.



Emergency Art Call!

Into the heart of Orlando, Florida, rides the pen of Mike Wilkerson!  Via the wonder of the web, I was able to provide some great emergency art to a very well-known company:  "Albertsons" which needed some T-shirt art for their upcoming Corporate 5k Charity event.

Check the art and the shirt and be sure to check out Albertsons Online!


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Emergency Art Call!

Another tasty job for RinaWear and suddenly a fun time gets some great T-shirt art.

Ever seen a grown man naked?  Ever been in a Turkish Prison?  Doesn't matter because now you're going to a fraternity-based Golf Pig Roast!

Can you dig it? 
I know that you could!

3Dev App Development


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3Dev Does It Three-Ways...

One of our favorite programming conglomerates asked if we would mind making caricatures of them for their new website. 

We were all too happy to oblige!  Brian, Eric and Alan are all depicted here and you can be too.

Do you have the need for a unique gift and don't know what to get that special someone?  How about those that you hate?  Your search is over.  Get them a caricature.  Contact us for pricing and schedule details today!


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A Rooster That Does Stunts...

It's not everyday that you get a request for art that will be used on a T-Shirt that says "StuntCock" but I had a day like that recently.

Another piece of RinaWear earns it's place in history with this great homage to the motorcycle-crashing belt-buckle-wearing wonder.


BSA Klondike Run



Boy Scouts of America
KLONDIKE RUN T-Shirts and Patch...

I was only a Cub Scout for about a year, and got sick of building things out of Popsicle sticks - but my interest peaked again with the advent of "The Explorer Program" - the co-ed older high school version of the scouts.

My interest in supporting the scouts emerges once again with this set of art to push the "KLONDIKE RUN" coming up in January next year.

Click the notes listed at right to see the art I drew for a patch, and T-shirt.  Cheers!

Frodo Baggins

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Lord of the Rings Caricatures Begin:

One of my own (many) personal projects that I've been trying to find time to give I actually took time toward on Thanksgiving day this year.  Xmas last year I bought a giant Lord of the Rings Map of the realms of Middle Earth, and it's very cool. 

My plan is to make a frame out of either carved foam resembling or driftwood itself, and then insert caricatures of my favorite LOTR characters as I'm able to take the time to craft them.  I started Frodo (Elijah Wood) today and will post more as I ink and color him.

Let the Election Begin...

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The Candidates Emerge...

The election is proving to be a close one and is continuing to make news.

Today I took the time to craft these two caricatures of the main players in the ever-unfolding drama.


October 30th, 2004

The costume included a long flowing robe (Jedi outfit), long red stockings (thanks Walmart), my Boston Red Sox hat, black clothes, and some elaborate face painting/drawing. Will work great for work next year as well - tee hee.

The Curse is Reversed...

I know:  You're wondering to yourself, "it's supposed to be most recent drawings, Jackass:  What does this have to do with drawings?"

My costume this year was not only a creative costume, but an easier one that allowed me to use a bunch of things I already had.  this year I was "The Ghost of World Series Past" and even won a prize for best costume at a Halloween Party we attended.



Old School Drawings

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